Greetings from the founder and craftsman


I am Yoshiyuki Awajitani, the founder and craftsman of Lunarossa Y’ppi.

As a child, I was very passionate about creating something by hand so I would rather stay at home and not go out much. One day, my father took me out to an actual manufacturing site and that was where I met my master. By that time, I had been eagerly making what my heart desired but from my master, I have learned more sophisticated ways of thinking and handcrafting based on the fundamentals of shape, construction and how things were built. While learning and training, I started to have difficulties and unsureness in creating my artworks. At times like that, I would dedicate myself to Kendo, Japanese fencing.  I was able to sweat it all out and then focus on my work with a clear mind. It was through Kendo that I came to know stingray leather craft.

So beautiful and sturdy, stingray leather has been used and loved among people in Japan since the ancient times. I want to create the best artworks possible of our time by putting together the stingray leather that ancient swordsmen loved and my own unique craftsmanship I have developed over the years. Even if it is time consuming and painstaking, I cannot help going into details and taking time to pursue the excellence in each one of my artworks. I would be very happy if you could find inspiration and excitement in my artwork.


Yoshiyuki Awajitani
Born in Osaka in 1989. Kendo 5th Dan.
I have loved making things and colors since I was a child, and started learning seriously from my master at the age of 8.
At the age of 18, he learned leatherwork by himself.
At the age of 19, during his creative activities, he was drawn to the charm of stingray leather from Kendo armor, and began his own research and technology development.
Founded “Lunarossa Y’ppi” at the age of 21.
Established AWAJIYAKOUSHOU, Inc. in 2022. Founded.
2023 Obtained patent for sewing stingray leather.

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