Thoughts behind the piece

Luna, Aurora, Hermes, Concordia, etc. Standard works have series names. The ones made with full-ray leather have names related to goddesses and gods, while the ones made with stingray leather have names related to the sea and ships, and each piece has a meaning.

Luna Rossa Yoppi Name Origin and Trademark

Luna Rossa means red moon in Italian. Yoppi was taken from Yoshiyuki’s childhood nickname. The trademark is a large tree under a red moon (and sun) with apples falling from it and people surrounding it. It has the meaning of a fusion of mystery and geometry.


Round zipper long wallet
Luna is the goddess of the moon. In Greek mythology, Selene is also called the “omnipotent goddess." I named it as a work that represents Yoppi.


long wallet
Aurora is the goddess of the aurora at dawn. I chose this name so that the person who owns this work can always stay cheerful.


Thin long wallet
Hermes is the guardian god of travelers and merchants. This work was given this name because it is portable and can be carried around at all times without being bulky even if it is placed in the inside pocket of a suit.


Business card holder
Concordia is the goddess of harmony. It has the meaning of cooperation, mutual understanding, and marital harmony. This name was given to the business card holder, which is essential for sending important greetings.


Themis is the goddess of rules. I named it so that I can always work and act with faith.


Card case
Valkyrie is a goddess related to battle. This smart card case with excellent storage capacity is highly portable and can be carried around at all times, so it was named after Valkyrie, which was depicted on an amulet in ancient times.


Melusine is the dragon goddess. The name comes from the myth that it brings wealth.


Small wallet, Uranus is the king of the primordial gods. The name comes from the fact that a set of coins, bills, and cards all fit inside.


Key strap
Ravens often appear in myths as scouts of the gods and guides. I chose this name so that you won’t get lost while carrying this strap. The basic colors of black, red, and gold are based on the image of a raven.


ring case
In the Arthurian legend, Nimue is the spirit of the lake that gave the holy sword Excalibur to King Arthur, and when Excalibur returned after completing its mission. We named the ring case for storing important items after “Lady of the Lake".


smartphone case
Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. A smartphone that allows you to acquire various knowledge in modern society, and its exterior is named after a goddess from Roman mythology.


accessory tray
Nereides are sea spirits. The iconic design is in the shape of a stingray, which is also a symbol of Luna Rossa Yoppy.


parfum charm
The stingray-shaped charm comes from Pallas, the daughter of Triton, the god of the sea in Greek mythology.

key case
Goddess of the sea in Inuit mythology. Manager of the sea. The name of Sedona’s work was given to the key case for managing important keys.

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